Women and handbags have been inseparable. Regardless of age, all would agree that they would feel incomplete without one. VICTORIA SLOANE owned by Rita Dato’ Sosilawati, is a brand new and Malaysian base bag collection. Blending Asia ideation with a standard of Italian craftsmanship. Urban design and practical in anyway. Targeted for middle-high end market. Exclusivity of this bag is it will not repeated the same design and produced very limited pieces in every collection of VICTORIA SLOANE’s bag.


At first glance of the VICTORIA SLOANE range, one’s immediate impression of it is its classic appearance. This gives the bag a versatile quality that enables the wearer to use it practically anywhere and at anytime. It’s suitable during the night, especially their shiny silver piece, and also during the day for casual outings or even at work. Their bright and fun colours like red and yellow appeal to a younger audience, while the navy, brown and dark grey will attract a more mature market. Needless to say, Victoria Sloane is suitable for women of varying ages. Its multifunctional and new lifestyle feature is what makes them unique from other bags.


The design of the handbags was created purposefully to accommodate women’s every changing mood and style. The detachable strap allows its user to don it as a sling, shoulder bag or even a clutch, and can be used as a formal or semi-formal addition to one’s outfit. Made from PVC leather, it is completely hand-made and has a very durable quality with many compartments to accommodate the many trinkets and other various contents a woman would usually carry with her on a daily basis. This feature is perfect for being more organised and the wearer is able to retrieve her things with ease. Rita Dato’ Sosilawati herself, with a lot of thought and care, designs the bags along with her creative team.


Victoria Sloane officially launch its new bag collection at Pure London in Olympia London on 14th February 2017, The launching ceremony was officiated by the High Commissioner Malaysian ambassador’s wife in London, Datin Rosilawati Abd Raffar. The light, spacious feel, great atmosphere and beautiful backdrop of Olympia London, provides exhibitors with the best possible showroom draw the attention and at the same time attract Rita Dato’ Sosilawati to exhibit her upcoming, fresh new look of bags in the product line. In addition to it, showcasing at the fashion trade show gives the opportunity to display new collections to thousands of buyers’ that usually would be impossible to meet over 3 days.


There are 3 types of new VICTORIA SLOANE’s bags – Albert, Hyde, and Camden are being launched by Rita Dato’ Sosilawati. As for Albert bag, it has 3 ranges of colours – Oxford Blue, Mocha Brown and Midnight Black that will be selling at RM229 each. Beaver Brown, Snow White, Bubblegum Pink, Salmon Peach and Tea Green are the colours that available for Hyde bag and the price of it is RM320 per bag. Last but not least is Camden that has 5 choices of colours – Pumpkin Orange, Goldenrod Gold, Juice Purple, Hunter Green and Auburn Maroon. The price for Camden bag is RM350 for each. All collections will hit the market by end of March 2017.


To sum up, whatever style one wishes to project, Victoria Sloane handbags will surely complement a sophisticated look with its fine finishing touch. With a handbag that looks exclusive and beautiful, a woman’s confidence will surely reach the sky. Change your style of the day by using just one handbag with Victoria Sloane.